Dear Karate-ka,
Welcome to the IKIKA website.

I hope you find your visit to this website informative and interesting enough for you to return.There are many reasons to train in a martial art. Of course there is the issue of personal protection.
As Karate-ka, we enjoy the exploration of movements, attitudes, principles, and training procedures which can keep us and others from harm in times of danger.
Our organization is unique with teaching methods, where you are not just a member, but also part of a family of martial artists striving for excellence. Each member here at our organization is an important part of this learning community. There is much more to Karate than mere sport, fighting or competition. I sincerely believe that Karate is a life long study, ultimately learning about oneself through the rigors of constant training, challenge, success and failures. We sincerely believe in teaching with integrity, respect and believe that positive results indeed can be achieved through trust, mutual understanding and most importantly "enthusiasm".

Shihan Gopu Nair

President & Chief Instructor

Shihan Gopu Nair

Why Karate?

Martial Arts is  a practice that develops character, humanity, gratitude, charity, confidence, self esteem, self control, determination, patience, temperance and a sense of obligation to pass on what is learned. No other physical discipline offers so much.

Spiritual organizations and religions strive to import these qualities on their members and students as well, but the art of Karate also develops and enhances physical abilities that would take a multitude of sports to develop students improve balance, coordination, muscle tone, cardio-vascular conditioning, timing, rhythm, hand-eye coordination, hand-foot coordination, and flexibility. Complex neural pathways are developed through the study of Karate that also give students an advantage in every other physical activity.

All that, and self defense as well.

Why Choose Us?

We offer martial arts training for kids, ages 4 and up and adults of all ages. IKIKA believes that martial arts training can have a profound impact on one’s self-development. We have a number of different programs, to offer even the busiest students. From our martial arts for children and pre-school classes to our martial arts fitness, and black belt programs, we have a program for everyone. Adult classes at IKIKA are fitness and self defense oriented. We offer a challenging program for all levels of fitness and allow students to learn at their own pace. We are committed to serve and assist our students to reach their fullest potential.


When you join IKIKA, you gain access to many benefits of membership. Primarily of course, you get continual guidance from highly skilled and certified instructors, experienced evaluation for Dan and Kyu rank promotions, the right to participate in local and international Karate championships, and dozens of other practical advantages.

Because IKIKA is the keeper of Karate’s highest tradition. Our karate is strongest and most traditional Karate there is. We see it not as a sport, but as a whole way of life. and that is always our emphasis: the whole. The goal is to help you develop every aspect of who you are.


 IKIKA maintains a high level of noncommercialism and is devoted to teaching karate at its highest level, as a martial art and as a way of life. IKIKA is an inclusive organization that values diversity, recognizes the human dignity of all individuals, and treats them with fairness and respect at all times.

Our mission

Our mission at IKIKA is to make a positive difference in the lives of children, youth, men and women and our community in general, through the study of the martial arts, and in particular the IKIKA Karate system.

Our Vision

The vision of the IKIKA is to preserve the art of Karate and provide an international platform for the growth and advancement of Karate.


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